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Kikko "El Capitano"


​​​" I like the fact that despite being a group made from a dozen and more different nationalities we find a way through soccer to get together have fun playing and make of our differences and cultures an interesting learning experience every day, even as a group out of the soccer field.
I like that competition never breaks respect for each other, and we always end a game with a smile, no matter who lose and who wins."

Francesco Mazzela
Member since August 2015 

Ana "The defender"


 "The best part of this group is that it is very diverse. There are players of all ages and different skill levels, which makes it more fun. All the games are very friendly and well organized. Another great thing about MICS is that it has games almost every day, and if one of them gets cancelled due to a holiday, the organizers manage to make up for that day with a free game for the next day. The last but not least cool thing about this group is that the organizers manage to film every game and make a montage of it on YouTube. It's always fun to rewatch the game and share it with your friends and family"

Anastasia Shakhova
Member since August 2015 

Just "Phil"


 "​I really enjoy playing with MICS.  The group has been very friendly and well comprises of people from many different ethnic backgrounds. The players are very diverse, with skill ranges varying from beginner to advanced and everything in the middle. Luis, Michelle and Murat do a great job at organizing the games, the teams are always well balanced. I have been playing for the past 2 years and will continue to in the future. One time I lost my wedding ring on the field. The game stopped and all the players searched the field until we found it. Truly a great group of guys and gals. America!"

Phill McManus
Member since July 2015